Written for Elizabeth Fleissner.

Elizabeth Fleissner - Oboe, Michael Chavarria - Clarinet, Alex Mckamie - Violin, Nathaniel Martin - Viola, Ian Grems - Bass

Liz asked me to write a short opening piece for a recital focusing on the theme of nighttime and sleep. Thinking about the long stretching illusion of time before sleep, I began to think about the piece as a some sort of Bach chorale, but stretched and thin. The orchestration of this short piece proved challenging for me; this is an ensemble I never expected to work with. I’m sure Prokofief (who essentially invented the ensemble by necessity and accident) faced similar challenges starting his iconic Quintet, but because of his work, a fantastic collection of pieces for the ensemble have been written. I’m thankful to have had to opportunity to discover them, and I’m excited by what I learned in the process.