For me, there is nothing more important than a thriving community of people who support each other. Here are a few people that I think are really doing something great and have supported me and my work. I encourage you to check out what they do and help continue to spread the awesome community that is out there. 


Daniel BayotBrianna DrevlowAnthony DonofrioNathaniel Haering, Alex JacobsenAdam Kennaugh, Chris LortieAdam O'Dell


Francesca Leo, Kenneth Cox, Anthony Zatorski, 3dB Vocal Ensemble, Panagiotis Andreoglou, Nick Zoulek, Hillary Labonte, Gramm Drennen

Friends and Collaborators: 

Brian ReaOverturnRelentless Merch, The New Music Conflagration, UNK New Music, BGSU Composition


Always more coming.