COMPLETE LIST OF WORKS - Pieces in bold will link to a recording, although I’m still working on hosting every recording of every piece…

If you’re interested in a score, just send me a message on my contact page.


The Rose, 1964 (2019) for mandolins, guitars, and/or piano and saxophone. >7’

Messier (2019) for flute, bass clarinet, percussion, bass drum, piano, violin, and cello. 180’

Prelude: Chorus Somnum (2019) for oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, and contrabass. 5’

Folie à Deux I (2019) for two bass clarinets. >7’

Folie à Deux II (2019) for two like-voices. >7’

Folie à Deux III (2019) for two flutes. >7’

Folie à Deux IV (2019) for wind and percussion. >7’

Where I Lay My Head (2018) for strings, glass, and voices. >6’

Hiro Yokose (2018) for violin and piano and/or celesta. 10’

Lighter Shades (2018) for soprano, flute, piano, violin, viola, cello. 16’

Somewhere, Some Place Else (2018) for alto saxophone and trombone. >7’

It Snowed December 6th (2018) for flute and piano. 12'

A Face Behind (2017) for bass flute and percussion. 12’

Maybe (2017) for 3 voices, written for ensemble 3dB. 5'

Violin and Cello (2017) for violin and cello. 7'

Don't Just Sit There and Pretend Everything's Fine (2017) for string quartet. 10'

Piano Trio: Blue Color Field Triptych (2016) for violin, cello, and piano. 12'

3 Pianos (2015) for three pianos. 13'

Music for 3 or more instruments (2015) for ensemble. (open duration)

Quiet Music (2015) for ensemble. (open duration)

But Home is Nowhere (2015) for trombone, tuba, two pianos, organ, percussion, electronics, violin, and two narrators. 12'

Finland Isn’t That Far (2015) for solo piano, flute, alto flute, two clarinets in B-flat, bass clarinet, marimba, vibraphone, two violins, viola, cello, and double bass. 11'

I forget the Date (2014) for three cellos and piano. 5'

Art Songs

Love Songs and Epitaphs (2017 - Ongoing) 35 short songs for high voice and piano. Currently in production as an ongoing project. Occasionally I’ll write a few and keep building the book, currently at 10/35 songs. All lyrics are by me, and are very much these loose collections of words and phrases dealing with life, love, and death. In some way, I’m reaching back into my awkward high school emo phases, but I assure you that these pieces are much more lyrically abstract than that.


Miya Ando (2018) for solo flute. ca. 8’

March 8th. (2018) for solo piano. 9’

Chrystal Blue (2017) for toy piano. 5’

White and Lavender (2017) for accordion. 10'

Viola Solo: Black and Grey (2016) for viola commissioned by Kathryn Kibbe. 20'

October 5th (2016) for crotales. 5'

September 21st (2015) for piano 9'

November 12, 2014 (2014) for piano. 3'

Oct. 18th (2013) for piano. 10'

Stage Music

Goya Alone (2018), a semi-theatrical soprano duet. 7’

A Thought (2017) a micro-opera for 4 sopranos and piano trio. 15’

Incidental music for Hecuba (2016) fixed media. Written for Jack Garrison and University of Nebraska Kearney Theater.

Incidental Music for Lady from the Sea (2015) for solo piano, solo soprano, and electronics. Written for Jack Garrison and University of Nebraska Kearney Theater.