Liturgy (2016) for chamber choir, percussion, piano, and string quartet. 50’

"Ligurgy" may refer to an elaborate religious ritual such as the Catholic Mass or Orthodox Divine Liturgy; the term may also apply to daily activities such as the Islamic Salah. Liturgy is also used to describe an active ritual in relation to the divine as a time of reflection, thanksgiving, or repentance. In regards to this work, the term retains its definition with the exception that an inherent deity is not called upon. On the contrary, this piece functions as an introspective ritual, a patient sound world in which there is room for personal reflection. The music unfolds slowly and at times remains static. To fortify these compositional and philosophical ideas, I found it necessary for the piece to have a substantial amount of time to develop.
"The pages turn like the passing of time"

Caleb Rohrer - Violin
Madeline Maloley - Violin 
Eric Jensen - Viola
Alexandra Lieb - Cello
Thomas Prentice - Vibraphone/Piano
Cruz Salazar - Timpani
Luis Panduro - Chimes/Bass Drum
Tristan Peterson - Crotales/Vibraphone
Hajeong Lee - Soprano
Alyssa Wetovick - Soprano
Shelbi Burke - Alto
Morgan Wipperling - Alto
Bobby Jacobs - Tenor
Aaron Borer - Tenor
Jacob Fahrlander - Bass
Cole Chancellor - Bass
Kory Reeder - Conductor