EYES:OPEN (2018) for fixed media.  

EYES: OPEN is a sort of collage written at the end of my master’s degree at BGSU. The piece uses recordings of acoustic pieces I wrote while at BGSU as the only source material. Taking a step back, I wanted to reflect on another side of my creative impulse; the majority of my acoustic music is slow, contemplative, and involves a kaleidoscopic approach to material, but here, I wanted to explore the opposite. I wanted to be loud, and express the beauty that I find in the distorted, crumpled, and broken which so often escapes me in acoustic composition. Of course, I don’t think any sort of dynamic is better or worse than another, but taking my delicate music and throwing it on its head was a fantastic way to end my time in Ohio. In the end, I find that this piece is beautiful and delicate as well, it just has thorns.