Directed by Carolyn Fagerholm
Conducted by Alexander Popovici

Mind: Alissa Plenzler
Heart: Hayley Hoss
Eyes: Rachel Thornsberry
Hands: Alexandra Hegedus
Anima: Adelle Blauser

With Brandi Main, violin; Gramm Drennen, cello; Steven Naylor, Piano

Written for the 2018 BGSU MicroOperas Coordinated by Hillary LaBonte 

Special Thanks to Jennifer Cresswell, Kevin Bylsma, Jake Heggie, and Dr. Marilyn Shrude for their help in the development of this project.

Program Note:
A Thought was written out of a patchwork of efforts that revolved around the theme of consciousness. The more and more you think about the act of reading, writing, speaking, or thinking, the more is becomes clear that you often don’t actually think about these actions to the point that the become passive. Your mind is away, and the mechanics of the brain takes over. The more you dig, the more it seems that you might not be in complete control. We lie to ourselves about what we want and what we do. When meeting strangers, or when approaching a potential love interest, the amount of uncontrollable thoughts, emotions, fears and anticipations, becomes uncountable. Here, in A Thought, I wanted to show that moment from the inside and expand it to such a length that a moment becomes a scene, and a minute becomes an act, and the mind and body the players.

Synopsis (SPOILERS):
A girl sees another the woman of her dreams across the way. She eagerly wants to introduce herself to her, but struggles with her own self-doubt, past failures, and a day-dreaming anxiety about an unknown, but yearning future together. Eventually, she takes the plunge saying ‘hello’.

Filmed and Edited by Nick Zoulek