The Location of Lines (2017) for orchestra.

Performed in a reading session by the Toledo Symphony Orchestra; Michael Lewanski conducting.

This piece was inspired by the compositional techniques of painter Sol LeWitt (1928-2007). I was amazed at LeWitt’s early experiments in wall drawing that would become his legacy. In several of these pieces, LeWitt used fragile and delicate pencil lines to create a grand, yet understated, design that becomes integrated with the architecture of the space. In this way the art becomes an environmental, or ambient, element surrounding the viewer and encompassing their field of vision. In a similar way, I have attempted here to expand out a single monophonic line across the orchestra. This line is never stated singularly, but is self-reinforcing and unfolds into the orchestra creating a larger architecture. The soft, understated dynamics, the blurred articulations, and kaleidoscopic harmonic language developed by this line is intended to parallel LeWitt’s techniques in a sonic environment. A sonification of space here relates to the scale of LeWitt’s work; where in scale, visual art becomes a temporal art. 
The title of this piece is derived by a 1975 series of etchings by LeWitt of the same name.

This piece was partially written while I was artist in residence at Arts Letters & Numbers, and the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts.

Image: Sol LeWitt - The Location of Lines